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Open Flemisch Championship

12 Januari 2020

The championship is an organisation of G-Karateclub Leopoldsburg (B.G.K.A.) and I-Karate GLOBAL. It is an open competition, and we expect competitors from several continents.


Thanks to our unique competition system, even if one has little experience, one can participate to this championship. So, don’t hesitate to register.


Our previously organised competitions and championships have been a great success. So we expect to see the same enthusiasm and spirit at the competition in January 2020, as we may have witnessed so many times!


In our mind, to participate is to win. A quote certainly valid for our I-competitions. That’s why every competitor receives a unique medal at the end of the day. There are 50 possible categories to inscribe!


Besides a sport challenge, this competition day is also a social occasion for all ages, abilities and nationalities to meet.


In this competition, we also have a category for competitors who participate in the IKONS Project from Eric Bortels. They compete in categories 47, 48, 49 and 50. These categories are exclusively for karateka’s from this IKONS Project.

How to enrol for the competition?

<<Here you will find  the necessary documents to register. >>  <<Categories classification>>

Fill in the application forms:

  • Application part 1 general registration (p.6)

  • Application part 2 detailed info about your category

  • Application part 3 payment details (p.7)

  • Application part 4 medical card (p.8) (if you have already completed this part before, it is not required to repeat)

  • Application part 5 TEAM REGISTRATION (p.9)


Send or mail to the below info to, before December, 18th 2019.

NB : Part 4 can also be send directly to the I karate-GLOBAL medical team, via: Carlo Oud (MD), Nobellaan 5, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium. E-mail:

If you have questions or if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are looking forward to welcome you on January 12th, 2020 in Belgium!

Draft schedule

Saturday, January 11th, 2020

  • 12h00

    • preparing the sports facilities

  • 14h00 - 16h00

    • info Session for trainers, coaches and referees according our competition system

    • course for administration at the tables

  • 16h00 - 18h00

    • check in and technical classification

  • 19h00 - 20h30

    • Meet & Greet country responsables and comfort referees

Sunday, January 12th, 2020

  • 8h15 - 9h00

    • doors open and registration

  • 9h00

    • gathering on the tatami and welcoming speech

  • 9h15

    • start competition categories:

      • all walkers Kata and Kumite (except visual impairment)

  • 12h30 award ceremony

  • 13h00 break

  • 14h00

    • start competition categories:

      • wheelchair athletes, visual Impairment, pairs, teams

  • 17h00 award ceremony

  • 17h30 closing ceremony

Hotels nearby


If you need transport from your hotel to the sports hall, please let us know!

Want to expand your visit to Belgium with some local activities?

Take a look at or

Adres of sports hall: Sporthal ‘t Geleeg, Caimolaan 130, 3970 Leopoldsburg

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